Swimming Pools

A residential swimming pool is a luxury investment that demands the highest quality design and construction. Mark Steeles Developments can offer a specialised bespoke service for beautiful indoor and outdoor pools.

Having your very own swimming pool is first and foremost about leisure and fun. It will offer you, your family and friends hours of entertainment and pleasure. However, a swimming pool will not only enhance your lifestyle but aesthetically enhance your home or garden. It is a deluxe design statement that will give your property the absolute wow factor.

From conception to completion, Mark Steeles will design and install the perfect swimming pool for your designated plot. With so many shapes, modern materials and lighting, the design possibilities are endless. Working closely with our clients, and offering outstanding customer service, we transform creative concepts into glossy home & garden magazine realities. 

Built to exacting specifications and applying superb craftsmanship throughout, we will ensure that your luxury investment is there for you and your lucky guests to enjoy in tip top condition for years to come.